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Receiving Compensation for a Car Accident

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

First Things First:
It is important that you have collected certain information while you were still at the scene of the
accident. This is because even though it was the driver of the other car that caused the accident, you will
most likely be dealing with the driver’s insurance company in order to settle your claim. It is best to
understand that in order to pursue and successfully settle a claim with a driver or their insurance
company; you must be ready to provide a handful of information to the insurance company. The
information you must be mindful of at the scene includes:


  • The contact information and name of the other driver
  • Name of the other driver’s insurance company
  • Information about any witnesses to the accident
  • The exact location of the cars at the time of the accident
  • The license plate of the other driver’s car
  • Areas of physical damage on both cars


It is also massively helpful to take pictures of the vehicles and the surrounding location while you’re still
at the scene of the accident.


What Types of Damages Can I Collect?

If you are making a claim for property damage only, some of the different types of damages you may be
entitled to collect are:


  • Vehicle Damage: Self explanatory, this is compensation for all the damage caused to the vehicle
    due to the accident.
  • Out of Pocket Expenses: These are all the miscellaneous costs that were involved in dealing with
    the aftermath of the accident: for example, the charges to hire a taxi to get home from the
    scene of the accident or the police station.
  • Personal Property Damage: This is compensation for any items that may have been inside the
    car during the accident, such a laptop or a bike on a carrier, etc.
  • Car Rental: This is compensation for the rental car you resorted to using while you car you being
    repaired. Most insurance companies do offer reimbursement for a rental car.


Keep in mind that the insurance company will only offer a settlement based on the documentation and
evidence you provide. For instance, if you are not able to provide proof of an out of pocket expense, the
insurance company will not consider you entitled to compensation for that particular loss.


What if someone was injured?
In case the accident caused injury or physical harm to a person, the legal issues involved will get much
more complex. You will then be entitled to compensation for not just the vehicle related costs but also
the medical expenses involved, as well as any lost wages of the injured person. You can also claim
compensation for any physical or mental stress that was caused by the accident.

Do keep in mind that, in case of injury, it is a bad idea to agree to a quick settlement as soon as you get
out of the emergency room. It is possible that you are not fully aware of the extent of the injuries and
hence could suffer from more financial loss in the long run. If you do get into a quick settlement with the
insurance company and then later find out that more treatment for your injuries is needed, you can’t go
back to the insurance company and demand more compensation.


Why hire an injury attorney?
The legal issues associated with accident claims can get too complex and tricky to deal with. After
already facing the stress caused by an accident, the last thing you need to be worrying about is paying
the medical bills or missing work because of something that was not your fault. Our Buford Injury
Attorney’s will help you receive the compensation you deserve for all damages and injuries while
guiding you through the legal process involved in the best way possible.