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Involved in a motorcycle accident? Here’s how an attorney can help.

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

As a rider, nothing can be more fun and thrilling as riding two wheels on an open road. However, you can also get seriously injured in the process – and often at the expense of someone else’s mistake. If you’ve been in an accident with a car, there’s a high chance that the brunt of the accident was taken by you and the car faced minimal damages in an accident with a motorcycle. If you or someone you know has been injured or, worse, killed in a motorcycle accident – you have every right to get your justice. Our Buford injury attorneys can help answer all your questions, offer you an evaluation and address all of your concerns. We have also covered all the frequently asked questions about this issue:


Do I Have a Case?

Whether or not you have a case is dependent upon several factors – and will determine how high your chances are for compensation. Some of these factors are:

  • How serious your injury is
  • Whether you were hospitalized or not
  • If you needed surgery or will need it in the future
  • If there was any permanent damages, injuries or scars
  • The medical costs inflicted upon you – currently and in the future.
  • Your insurance policy
  • What evidence is available



Motorcycle accident claims can vary situation by situation. Some of the common ones are listed below

A distracted driver

This is one of the most primary causes of many motorcycle accidents. The low profile of bikes relative to trucks or cars makes them more vulnerable to accidents from drivers who are not paying attention on the road. In fact, each year, thousands of motorcycle accidents occur due to drivers changing a lane or turning over without having paid attention to their surroundings.


Lack of Communication

Non-verbal communication is needed by drivers on the road in order to ensure that everyone is abiding by the rules. Accidents are often caused because the drivers involved didn’t signal or communicate with each other before moving into another lane or turning.


Road Hazards

This is also a fairly common cause of many motorcycle accidents. If the roads are not kept in good condition, which is the responsibility of the local governments and the state, accidents of all kinds can occur and cause injuries and even result in casualties.


What you must do after getting in a motorcycle accident:

At our law office in Buford, GA, we have vast experience in dealing with motorcycle accident claims. The following are a few things you must do, or NOT do, after getting into a motorcycle accident.


Don’t trust your Insurance Company

Keep in mind that insurance companies are protecting their own interests and are NOT on your side. After the accident has occurred the insurance company and the driver involved will both require statements from you about the accident. They will ask you a multitude of questions about the accident. You might not yet have experienced any injury symptoms and hence won’t be settled for any future diagnosis if you say you’ve not been injured. Even if you think you weren’t particularly injured in the accident, it is always recommended to get evaluated by a doctor before making a statement. It is always recommended to seek guidance from an attorney before proceeding with any statement. If you end up, or are pressured into, making an erroneous statement that absolves the other party of responsibility or is inaccurate in any way – there will be lesser chances of winning your case.


Seek proper medical care and document everything

Victims of motorcycle accidents are much more prone to injury than any other accident. Make sure you get evaluated by a doctor even if you don’t face any immediate symptoms. Make sure you go for a proper diagnosis and treatment. In the process of medical care, also make sure to document everything – every payment you’ve had to make and every cost that has been inflicted on you that resulted from the accident. It is integral that you document all information about the accident that is possible. It is often the case that people involved in motorcycle accidents have to face high medical costs and fail to document it – hence having to pay to for it on their own.  Make sure you’re keeping track of all your medical bills and use them to strengthen your case.


Hire an Experienced Accident Attorney

An experienced attorney can best help you safeguard your interests and protect your legal rights after an accident. How will an attorney help you? You’ll be able to maximize your settlement and receive full compensation for the damages inflicted on you and your vehicle. Moreover, any lost wages and medical bills will also be accounted for thoroughly with the help of an experienced attorney. 

Dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident is not easy – but we want to help. Don’t depend on your insurance company and seek out an attorney to help you get justice. Our Buford Injury Attorneys will guide you throughout the whole legal process and ensure that you get the experienced advocate you deserve for your case.