Latest Case Results

Recovering Millions Of Dollars In Total Verdicts and Settlements For Injured Victims

Here is a small sample of the impressive results Joshi & Patel has been able to obtain for its clients:

$25,000 policy limit settlement!

A successful recovery of $25,000 from a client who was involved in an auto accident with a drunk driver with only a single doctor visit!

$180,000 policy limits settlement

The Team at JP Attorneys had successfully recovered $180,000 from all available policies for a shoulder injury in a disputed liability car accident.

$125,000 settlement for low back injury

A recent win for the JP team, successfully recovered $125,000 settlement for a low back injury with gaps in treatment. Recovered all applicable liability and UM limits! 

$100,000 Recovery

Another win for the team, we were able to successfully recover $100,000 for our client with a soft tissue neck, back and ankle pain. 

$300,000 recovery

The Team at JP had a successful recovery of $300,000 recovery for hip fracture with no surgery and limited amount of treatment. 


Another win for the client and the JP Attorneys! We have successfully recovered a $37,500 settlement for minor injuries that took place (under $5,000) due to a hit and run driver who struck our clients vehicle. Fighting for our clients everyday! Give us a call today. 404-969-1212. With two convenient offices in Atlanta and Buford, we are here to service you needs!

$89,500 results Recovery!!

JP Attorneys back at it! Another results settlement, this settlement was from a client who suffered minor injuries (under $14,000) after a drunk driver struck the clients vehicle. JP Attorneys is here fighting for your needs! Call us today! 404-969-1212

$210,000 Settlement from shoulder injury

Another results closed! JP Attorneys was successful in bringing a $210,000 results settlement for a client that injured a right shoulder from client who fell on an oil stain at a dealership. We are here proudly fighting for our clients due to negligent business owners.

$325,000 Settlement results won!!

JP was successful in settling a results which caused a hip injury from a defective railing at neighborhood swimming pool. Proudly fighting for our clients and recovering what you deserve!

Brain Injury Settlement (2020)

JP won a settlement for a disputed liability claim involving a pedestrian awarding their client a 3M settlement. Call to schedule a free results review.

Wrongful Death Settlement (Clayton County 2010)

$1.24 Million Dollar settlement against the State of Georgia for the wrongful death of a 76 year old man and injuries sustained by his spouse when the vehicle they were in was struck by a vehicle being driven by a Georgia Bureau of Investigation employee.

Car Wreck DUI Settlement (2011)

Settlement which represented approximately 5x (five times) the medical expenses of Joshi & Patel’s client. The at-fault driver was driving under the influence of alcohol when she caused the collision.

Car Wreck Policy Limits Settlement (Gwinnett County 2012)

Settlement for client who suffered from post-concussive syndrome from motor-vehicle collision. Prior to filing suit, State Farm’s top offer was $42,000. After filing a lawsuit, State Farm settled the results for $76,000.00

Pedestrian Injuries/Hit & Run Settlement (Fulton County 2012)

Settlement against insurance company for client who was struck by a passing vehicle. Liability was hotly contested by the insurance company due to the lack of any eyewitnesses. Settlement was reached only after numerous motions and depositions.

Car Wreck Settlement (Clarke County 2012)

Client was involved in a motor vehicle collision in 2007 where she complained of neck pain. Client underwent neck surgery four years after the collision in 2007. Between the collision and her surgery, the client was involved in two subsequent motor vehicle collisions where she complained of the same neck symptoms. Joshi & Patel was successful in obtaining a settlement three weeks prior to trial.

Car Wreck Verdict (Hall County 2012)

Judgment for a rear-end collision after three day trial in Hall County. Out of that judgment, State Farm was responsible for paying $85,307.50. Prior to trial, State Farm’s top offer was $5,000.00.

Car Wreck Verdict (Fulton County 2010)

Verdict in results where MARTA bus driver and driver of vehicle our client was riding in were both found at fault. The driver of the vehicle our client was in was insured by State Farm. State Farm only offered $1,000.00 prior to trial. They ended up paying over $88,000.00 (which was $38,000.00 over its policy limits).

Car Wreck Settlement (Hall County 2011)

$140,000.00 settlement for client who was involved in a motor vehicle collision and complained of low back pain. Client waited over four years to undergo low back surgery. Joshi & Patel was successful in obtaining a settlement two weeks prior to trial at mediation.

Slip and Fall/Premises Liability Settlement (Muscogee County 2010)

$150,000.00 settlement against cleaning company that created a hazardous condition by leaving the floor wet without placing any warning signs. Client had $25,000 in medical expenses. This was a hotly disputed claim where fault was denied by the cleaning company.

Car Wreck Policy Limits Settlement (2012)

$155,000.00 total settlement from three different insurance policies for client who had to undergo surgery. Joshi & Patel was able to recover the policy limits from all three insurance policies.

Car Wreck Settlement (Gwinnett County 2011)

$250,000.00 settlement for client involved in a rear-end motor vehicle collision in March of 2008. Client aggravated her pre-existing low back condition, which resulted in low back surgery several months after the collision. Prior to trial, the insurance company had only offered $5,000 as client was involved in a prior rear-end motor vehicle collision in February of 2008. Joshi & Patel was successful in litigating this results and settled the results two days prior to trial after mediation had failed.

Car Wreck Verdict/Settlement (Fulton County 2011)

$563,000.00 settlement against national auto parts store for a collision caused by its employee, which resulted in the client undergoing low back surgery. The cause of the surgery was vigorously disputed by the defendant corporation and after a four day trial in Fulton County, the jury awarded a total of $500,000.00. Due to Joshi & Patel’s appeal, the corporation voluntarily paid $63,000.00 over the judgment to resolve the appeal. Prior to trial, the corporation’s top offer was $250,000.00.

Car Wreck Settlement (Rockdale County 2011)

$415,000.00 settlement for client who was involved in a motor vehicle collision and underwent low back surgery. The at-fault insurance company tendered its minimum policy liability limits. Joshi & Patel was able to recover an additional $390,000.00 from the client’s employer’s underinsured motorist carrier two weeks prior to trial.

Car Wreck Policy Limits Settlement (2010/2011)

$325,000.00 total settlement for client who had to undergo multiple neck surgeries where the property damage to her vehicle was less than $1,300.00. $325,000.00 was the total amount of policy limits available to the client.