What People Say About Our Firm

PK is hands down the most reliable, patient, and accommodating lawyer I have ever met. He was always on top of things and willing to go the extra mile. Most of all, he was always focused on what he could do to give me the best outcome possible and included me in the decision-making process. His patience knew no bounds and he will be my go-to guy for any legal arrangements I have.

Thank you for everything, PK!

Phillip T.

I found to this law firm to be professional, thorough, responsive, and courteous in their dealings with me and in the handling of my case. And I feel that I can recommend this firm, in particular Mr. Joshi, without hesitation or reservation. While I hope never to be the victim of another automobile accident, in the event I, a friend or a member of my family were to need legal advice or assistance, I would seek out or advise others to seek out Joshi and Patel to represent them.

Lauren B.

In all the years of working with various lawyers, I can say that Joshi & Patel are the very best I’ve seen. I’ve had experience with them for the past 3 years so enough time has elapsed to experience all phases of the processes involved.

They are very prompt in communications to the point they are head-and-shoulders above any other lawyer I’ve had any experience with in the last 30 years. Read their reviews.

There are good examples and bad examples in every profession, and these guys are top-notch good examples who are dependable and I’ve always felt that they really worked for me.

Joshi & Patel are the only attorneys I ever recommend in GA.

Micah F.

Ambadas Joshi is an outstanding attorney. He was very clear and upfront with me about my case and did an extremely thorough job in preparing the required documents. The entire process of reaching a settlement with the insurance company was very smooth and efficient due in no small part to AJ’s diligence. I recommend him extremely enthusiastically!

Ajay S.

I had a great experience with Joshi & Patel. PK really worked hard on my car accident case. He keep me informed every step of the way and made sure I was fairly compensated. He is very nice and personable and easy to work with. He really has his clients best intrest at heart. If you need a lawyer that is going to fight for you! You should read their reviews and call Joshi & Patel NOW.

Nicole M.

I cant began to explain the level of professionalism we received from Pk. The process which again is a process was done very specific to meet the needs of rebuilding our health back to before the accident. Pk has been very pleasant to work with and he followed up on any questions are concerns we had. I would highly recommend PK to anyone seeking counsel to help with their accident. Furthermore, be patient with him and know that he’s working in your best interest and won’t stop until your case is resolved. Thanks Pk for doing an amazing job and if anyone I know has the misfortune of being injured in an accident I will surely be sending them your way!!!!!

Tino H.

No one wants to be injured and, in a position, where they need an attorney, but after I was rear-ended at a red light by a car driving 55mph, I didn’t have a choice. Thankfully AJ Joshi stepped in and took over all of the paperwork, hospital and insurance communication, and many other moving pieces allowing me to focus on healing. I am a communications professor at a large 4-year university, and I can honestly say AJ Joshi exceeded my expectations on professionalism and responsiveness throughout the process. He kept us up to date on the case and allowed us to be involved in settlement decisions. I hope I don’t need an attorney in the future, but if I do, I will absolutely trust AJ Joshi again.

Marianne G.

PK provided excellent service and helped our family through a very tough experience. We were blessed to have him represent us and would definitely recommend him. He took care of every detail and provided clear guidance.

Christy D.

I have worked with Joshi and Patel for many years since I’ve been a Chiropractic Assistant and I have seen how hard they work for their clients! They genuinely want to make sure their clients are taken care of and getting the best quality of care possible just as much as getting what they deserve! My dad was in a terrible accident a few years back that caused the need of a major surgery and Patel was the one we called. Then, I just recently had to go through the personal injury process myself due to a drunk driver hitting me and Patel fought tooth and nail for me. Any time I had questions, called and left voicemails, or even sent emails at odd hours he was sure to answer me back promptly and to make sure everything was clear for me. It was nice to have someone help me pretty much every step of the way since I had never had to go through this personally before. I would hands down recommend him to anyone in need and if I could give him more stars I would! Read their reviews! He’s truly the best! ♥️

Hannah G.