Joshi & Patel Voted Top 1% Car Accident Lawyer

Fighting for you since 2008, Joshi & Patel has successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients through settlements and trials. We have represented personal injury victims against the heavy handed tactics of the insurance companies.

At Joshi & Patel, no case is too large or small. As former insurance defense attorneys, we realize that being injured is a traumatic experience and that you and your family have better things to do than deal with the insurance companies' "below the belt" tactics. Let us deal with the insurance companies so you can concentrate on the one thing that matters - getting better. Here at Joshi & Patel, let us handle your personal injury cases personally.



    • What should I do if I cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent me in my personal injury claim?

    • Do I have a case?

    • Will the attorney travel or come to me?

    • What will determine the amount of monetary compensation if I win my case?

    • When should I file a lawsuit?

    • Should I sign documents the other side provided?

    • I would like to seek legal advice – what do I do now?

    • I’ve interviewed one attorney, but I would like to get a second opinion…

    • Is there an average or normal contingency fee?

    • What should I do if I cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent me in my personal injury claim?


    Joshi & Patel’s blog is led by attorney’s AJ Joshi and PK Patel, and jointly maintained by our community outreach team. We focus on issues of road safety for drivers, passengers, riders, cyclists and pedestrians, as well as important issues related to the legal community.

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