Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are passionate about their bikes and we are passionate about their rights. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to catastrophic traffic accidents. Motorcyclists are about 9 times more likely to be injured in a motor vehicle crash than passenger car occupants. In 2008 alone, over 3,000 motorcyclists were injured on Georgia roads.

In fact, it’s estimated that two-thirds of all motorcycle crashes involving other motorists are due to the other driver’s negligence. Those drivers need to know that motorcyclists are entitled to a full lane. Car and truck drivers also must keep a safe distance from motorcycles. Due to their smaller profile, motorcycles are often hidden in a driver’s blind spot or even overlooked at intersections. Other drivers are often not aware of how motorcycles operate, and therefore not as cautious around them as they should be. Because of the vulnerability of motorcyclists on the road, accidents are often very serious. A biker can suffer head injuries, broken bones, and even spinal cord injuries.

Joshi & Patel knows that accidents happen, and it is important that you are aware of your rights as a rider. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t let medical bills pile up and lost wages become a burden on your family. Joshi & Patel knows how devastating a motorcycle accident is, and we will fight for fair compensation for you and your loved ones.