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7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Multi-Vehicle Accidents

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7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Multi-Vehicle Accidents

In Georgia, it’s rare that a day goes by without the news of a multi-vehicle collision on one of our many highways. Any automotive wreck is horrifying; however, a multi-vehicle accident has the potential to drastically increase the damage, not to mention the risk of serious injuries. Since this is so common in Georgia, we thought it’d be important to provide you with a list of seven tips/facts about multi-vehicle accidents.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents are Sophisticated

Like any other crash, authorities work to determine the cause of the accident and who is at fault. As you know, finding out who’s at fault for an accident can be deemed “complicated”, so determining the fault for a multi-vehicle collision can be quite the task. It’s not as cut and dry like “driver-A rear-ended driver-B. Therefore, driver-A is to blame”. There are a lot of logistics that come into play when there are multiple vehicles involved.

Multiple Driver’s Can Be at Fault

Once every driver involved has been questioned/interviewed, the authorities will examine road conditions, tire marks, damages, etc. After inspecting the entire scene and speaking to everyone, the authorities should be able to determine which driver triggered the accident, and which drivers contributed to the pileup. Authorities will conclude that the driver(s) were tailgating, speeding, distracted or road-raging.

Georgia is a Comparative Negligence State

Once authorities determine which driver(s) are at fault, they’ll assign a fraction of the responsibility. This implies that while one driver may have triggered or caused the accident, other drivers that added to it can be assigned a lesser part of the fault. For example, you could be found 25% at fault of a multi-vehicle accident if your headlights were out. This doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to an injury settlement, you still would be, less 25% for your fraction of the fault. Anyone found partially responsible could face a Buford car accident lawsuit from other drivers involved in the accident.

Injuries Are Typically More Severe

Being that it was a multi-vehicle accident, it’s safe to say that most vehicles obtained front and rear-end damage, possibly even side damages. Since there is usually more than two points of impact, drivers are susceptible to a higher chance of severe injuries.

It’s the Short Few Minutes After the Crash That Count

Multi-vehicle car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, in some cases, they can drag on for minutes as other vehicles continue to collide into one another. If you feel like the accidents have ended and you can move your car aside, do it, and call 911. If you do not feel safe getting out, stay put and keep your seatbelt fastened until the proper authorities arrive.

Your Statement is Key

For big pileups, authorities inspect tire marks, road conditions, weather and take statements from every driver involved in the accident. Try as best as you can to remember what clearly took place during the multi-vehicle accident. If the scene is deemed safe, take photos of your vehicle and all the damages. Also, be sure the obtain contact and insurance details from the other drivers.

Hire a Georgia Car Accident Attorney

In multiple-vehicle accidents, you may end up seeking damages while also being sued for your part of the fault. You can thank the sophistication of comparative negligence for that. By hiring an experience Buford car accident lawyer like Joshi & Patel, you can obtain a fair settlement from insurance companies while limiting your own liability.  Time is of essence after a car crash.