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The law offices of Joshi & Patel, LLC have fought on behalf of injury victims in the Georgia area since 2008 to seek justice and monetary compensation for their suffering. Our Athens-Clarke personal injury lawyers in Georgia have and continue to work tenaciously to support our clients during these traumatic and emotional circumstances. With our caring, compassionate and hard-working team, you can rely on us provide the high standard of legal representation that you need in multiple areas of the law.Our Athens-Clarke personal injury attorneys have worked with clients who have been victimized by all types of motor vehicle accidents, along with bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Our area of expertise also covers wrongful death, negligence, slip and fall injuries, dog bites, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice and more. When you or a family member has suffered personal injury or death at the hands of a negligent third party, we will assist you in seeking justice and compensation. 

Our Services Include:

 car accident attorney athens georgiaCar and Motor Vehicle AccidentsWe work with clients who have been involved in various accidents, including auto accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. You can rely on our team to support you so that you can receive the compensation you are entitled to, which can help assist in your recovery.  slip and fall attorney athens georgiaSlip and Fall AccidentsSustaining a serious injury due to slip and fall accidents can happen just about anywhere. A simple fall can result in broken bones, bleeding, bruising, internal soft tissue injuries and even worse. When this occurs because of a careless property owner, you could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, pain and suffering and more. wrongful death lawyer athens gaWrongful DeathWhen a person or entity acts carelessly, resulting in wrongful death, they cannot escape legal liability. And although we do understand that no amount of money can bring your loved one back or mend what has been taken from you, we will help to ensure that such incidents do not cause you serious financial burdens. The at-fault parties will be held accountable for their actions. malpractive law firm athens georgiaMedical MalpracticeWith an increasing amount of deaths caused by medical malpractice today, it is more important than ever to hold these parties accountable. Our Athens-Clarke personal injury lawyers will thoroughly assess each case to ensure we can dedicate the necessary time and resources to bring you justice.  dog bite lawyer athens georgiaDog BitesWhen dog bites occur, they can require extensive recovery time and even reconstructive surgery. And sadly, the majority of dog attacks happen to children, which is why it is imperative to hold homeowners accountable. Those who have suffered from a dog attack should contact our Athens-Clarke, Georgia legal team once a medical examination has been completed. nursing home abuse athens georgiaNursing Home AbuseNursing homes are meant to care for, protect and create a comfortable living environment for our elderly family members. But when you’re faced with the reality of nursing home abuse against your loved one, these inexcusable acts must be held responsible.  If a nursing home has breached their legal obligation to care for their patients, we will fight to defend your family. negligent security lawyer athens georgiaNegligent SecurityIf you have been the victim of assault, rape or any other form of severe harm due to negligent security, the property owner may be at fault. When a serious incident has occurred at a hotel, apartment complex, grocery store or any other form of business property, you may be justified in filing a claim.Taking on a claim can be an overwhelming challenge, especially if you’re filing against a large entity such as a nursing home. Our skilled and dedicated Athens-Clarke personal injury attorneys will advocate on your behalf to receive maximum compensation. Contact us today at Joshi & Patel, LLC. No fees unless you win.