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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent me in my personal injury claim?

Joshi & Patel works on a contingency fee basis. This means that Joshi & Patel only gets paid when you get paid. When you choose Joshi & Patel to handle your case, you pay us absolutely nothing until you recover.

Do I have a case?

If you have been hurt or injured and believe it is the fault of someone else (including a company, corporation, person, their property, or pet) then you may have a personal injury case.

Joshi & Patel will provide a free evaluation, no obligation consultation in order to determine whether you have a personal injury case.

Will the attorney travel or come to me?

If you are hurt, injured, in the hospital or otherwise in pain, Joshi & Patel will come to you.

What will determine the amount of monetary compensation if I win my case?

Though every case varies, compensation may be awarded for things including all medical related expenses (including chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and prescription medication), lost wages (including overtime and potential future wages), pain and suffering, physical and emotional distress, property damage, and expenses that affect your day to day life. Joshi & Patel maximizes your recovery through their extensive experience. Our results speak for themselves.

When should I file a lawsuit?

Time flies - Act fast! All cases have a statute of limitations. Contacting Joshi & Patel as quickly after the incident as possible should eliminate the possibility of the statute expiring. Additionally, if you have been injured by a governmental entity or someone acting on their behalf, there may be shorter time frames that are involved. Time is of the essence!

Should I sign documents the other side provided?

No! Don't sign anything! Let Joshi & Patel evaluate your case and read the documentation presented by the at-fault party or insurance company. You may sign away your rights to a trial or the right to a settlement.

I would like to seek legal advice - what do I do now?

Contact Joshi & Patel for a free consultation. Let our experience work for you.

I've interviewed one attorney, but I would like to get a second opinion...

Choosing the right attorney to handle your personal injury claim is important. A good personal injury attorney should not have a problem with you obtaining a second opinion. Joshi & Patel is well versed in multiple types of injury claims, but also provides customer service often missing from other firms. With Joshi & Patel's personal touch, you should have no problem deciding on the best firm to handle your case!

Is there an average or normal contingency fee?

Joshi & Patel's fee depends on the complexity of the case, the time at which it settles, and the anticipated costs that may be invested prior to settlement. Joshi & Patel has an excellent reputation, among insurance companies and other personal injury attorneys. This is very important to your case because insurance companies know that we will fight for your rights and go to trial, if necessary. The important thing to remember is that Joshi & Patel does not get paid until you do!

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Recovering Millions For
Injured Victims

Accident & Personal Injury attorneys AJ Joshi & PK Patel have recovered millions of dollars for injured victims throughout Georgia.

$1.24 Million Dollar Wrongful Death Settlement
$1.24 million recovery for the wrongful death of a 76 year old man and injuries sustained by his spouse.
$563,000.00 Car Wreck Verdict/Settlement
$563,000.00 recovery against a national auto parts store for a collision caused by its employee, which resulted in the client undergoing low back surgery.
$415,000.00 Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accident
$415,000.00 recovery for client who was involved in a motor vehicle collision on the job and was forced to undergo low back surgery.
$300,242.50 Judgment - Hazardous Conditions/Premises Liability
$300,242.50 judgment for client who sustained injuries at a local Atlanta restaurant when he was injured in an altercation involving several other patrons. The medical bills of the client were less than $35,000.00.
$252,500.00 Defective Treadmill Settlement
$252,500.00 recovery for client who was seriously injured when a malfunctioning treadmill suddenly sped up and threw him off. Client sued State of Georgia (incident occurred at a Georgia college) and the maintenance company.
$150,000.00 Total Settlement ($75,000.00 for Mother and $75,000.00 for child) for Car Wreck Caused By Drunk Driver
$150,000.00 Total Settlement for client and her minor daughter who were injured in a motor vehicle collision caused by a drunk driver. Joshi & Patel was able to obtain a settlement over 25x (25 times) the medicals for both mother and daughter after filing of lawsuit and taking the deposition of the drunk driver.
$126,007.05 Car Wreck Verdict
$126,007.05 verdict against MARTA and State Farm insured driver. The innocent passenger was riding in the State Farm vehicle when it was struck by a MARTA bus. State Farm only offered $1,000.00 prior to trial. They ended up paying over $88,000.00 (which was $38,000.00 over its policy limits).